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Well I am officially moving. My parents just sat our family down and announced that Connecticut is our next stop. I am excited for a getting a fresh start, but will miss my old friends and everyone here. It has been fun in Ohio with Kings Island, tennis, and the people, but UConn could offer some new experiences. I will be ten minutes away from New York City, the weather hopefully will be better with not so much rain. Also the people there hopefully are cool. It is my ninth time moving now. Time for something new!


Coop’s Shaved Ice

Coops is open again and I have already gone there about ten times in the past two weeks. I always get the three flavors pink lemon sour, blue raspberry, and green apple. It is located across from Skyline in Milford. The owner has been working there since 1994, and is open from 6-9 on weekdays and 12-9 on weekends. Flavors I recommend are, blue raspberry, green apple, sour green apple, pink lemon sour, cotton candy, tiger’s blood, hurricane, pina colada, and birthday cake.

Coop's Tropical Ice


Lately I have been listening to Techno and some Dubstep. I was not a big fan at first and thought it was just noises but once I heard the song Nice Sprites and Scary Monsters by Skrillex I was obsessed. I just bought twenty new songs on Itunes all of techno and crazy stuff including Take Over Control, and all of Basshunters stuff. Techno is now my new crave and I need to get more.


I got my licence a few weeks ago and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I get so much freedom of being able to go anywhere whenever I want. I am able to stay out later and if I want something to eat, I can just go out and get it. I could have gotten my licence last July but I was lazy and did not care, now that I have tennis every day, it is the best thing I could have done. It is also a dresser holding all my clothes and rackets I need. Even though insurance and gas is expensive, it is so worth it.

School = NO SLEEP!!

I can never get enough sleep on a school day. Last night I went to bed at nine, and woke up at seven. I was still tired… Ten hours of sleep and still could sleep for another five. The main reason I think this happens is first I never want to wake up on a school day, and also the sun is not up yet so that kills me. So I had an idea, what if school went from twelve to seven every day? You could get lots of sleep and have school activities along with time in the morning to do your homework. Also I would be awake and be willing to learn then be groggy and asleep all during class.

Spring Break

Spring break is still a month away but I am already really excited! First off, NO SCHOOl! The major problem with school is not being able to get a good night sleep, but also the fact that I am stressing about my grades so much. So spring break gives me a week off to relax, sleep in, and not worry about anything besides getting a sunburn, because I will be at the beach. I am going to Florida for Spring Break and it will be warm and happy unlike Ohio, where it is cold and rainy. In Florida I plan on visiting friends and also going to check out the Bolletieri Tennis Academy. It is a famous academy in Florida, and is one of the best academies in the U.S but also one of the best academies in the world. I am excited for heat and being able to wear shorts, a T-Shirt, and flip-flops. Instead of sweatpants, sweatshirt, and a hoodie.

Super Bowl or Commercials?

There has been lots about the super bowl upcoming with the Pittsburgh Steelers (My favorite team) and the Green Bay Packers. With the stats, injuries, and spread of the game, but there has been just as much talk dealing with the commercials that will be on during the Super Bowl. News ads have come out about the million dollar winner for the best Doritos’ or Pepsi Max Commercial. I as many people are getting hyped up for the game but many others are getting hyped up for the commercials in the game. Who will win you may ask someone. Some people will say Steelers or Packers but others may say the Pug in the Doritos Commercial or the couple in the Pepsi Max commercial. What are you watching the game for Commercials or Football?

Super Bowl Predicition

This weekend is the AFC and the NFC games that will determine the two teams going into the Superbowl. In the NFC are the Green Bay Packers playing against the Chicago Bears. I pick the Packers in this one and in the AFC I am going to pick the Pittsburgh Steelers being at home. So Super Bowl XLV will be the Steelers Packers going head to head and my pick will be the Pittsburgh Steelers winning their seventh super bowl and being ahead for the most Super Bowls by two. The teams closest to them with five super bowls are the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

tosh.0 Has Returned

Season 3 of Daniel Tosh’s show (Tosh.O) has finally returned. After two seasons of hilarious comedy from the videos and Daniel, everyone was ready to hear more. The first episode was already on bringing in the hide yo kids, hide yo wife guy that sweeped the nation with his words of wisdom and hilarious video people made out of his words. A new episode for season 3 is on every Thursday at 10:00 P.M. So be ready to laugh your head off for thirty minutes as Daniel Tosh makes fun of everyone and everything.

Martin Luther King

Next Monday is the official holiday for Martin Luther King. Kids are off of school for the holiday because of what he did to help change America. His speeches and words of wisdom hit into everyone’s hearts and helped America stop having the degree of racial segregation they had back in time. Wake up Monday on Martin Luther King day and be happy school is off but also think of what the man with a dream did for our nation.